My Spiritual Companion and a Heartwarming Story

What an honor to recall upon my companion and profound buddy, Mr. Turbulent, and the various Divine gifts that went with his change once more into Spirit.

On December 20, 2013, I showed up at the Horse Protection League (HPL) farm in Golden, CO and Miss Emie (HPL Barn Manager) welcomed me. I discovered incredible solace in her warm hug. As I entered Stormy’s enclosure, he welcomed me alongside his human companion, Esther. I saw he was holding his head low to the ground looking for an agreeable position. While chatting with Esther, I inquired as to whether she would invite an Affirmative Prayer.

Before I started, the bunnies and squirrels urged me to feel the harmony around us and relax in the delicate shine of our environmental factors. Dr. Wayne Dyer has portrayed this serene, delicate gleam as Godlight.

As I shut my eyes and sunk into the excellence and tranquility of that Divine second, I felt at One with everything. Dr. Patty Luckenbach, D.D. (Doctorate in Divinity) has shown me the Principle of Oneness. Every one of us (counting creatures) is a manifestation of the One Spirit.

All life is indivisibly One. Unquestionably there is a Divine Wholeness, an all out interconnectedness. We all are One with one another, and One with all Life.

As I started the Affirmative Prayer, the endowment of the current second empowered Divine Right Action to stream forward.

While I was speaking, I saw a few Spiritual Beings among us. As an envoy for the International Animal Ministry, facilitated by Dr. Patty Luckenbach, we have examined my Divine blessing to see these delightful creatures so loaded with Divine effortlessness. At the point when I completed the Affirmative Prayer, I opened my eyes and saw Stormy taking a gander at me with his head held high. Regarding the connection among Esther and Stormy, I was guided to sit in the farm house and send Reiki energy.

The Universal-Consciousness called Rei guides the existence energy called Ki in the training known as Reiki. With my eyes shut, I could feel the presence of our creature companions from the Nature Kingdom and feel the energy of the ponies in “Lenny’s Crew” push toward Stormy’s enclosure.

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